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FailRace Clip Submission

Leader: ca5inoroyale

Clip Submission
by mustangbugatti
Aug 20, 2019 23:18:11 GMT
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Official Events

Leader: ca5inoroyale

Automation Rally Entries and Specs. - NOT SUBMISSION THREAD
by gandalf8456
Aug 21, 2019 0:09:19 GMT
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First Gear

Leader: Administrator

Tracking Alex in Survive the Hunt
by jimlaad43
Aug 20, 2019 23:09:46 GMT

Sub-boards: Challenge Submissions (690 posts), General Discussion (649 posts), FailRace Community Set-Ups (119 posts)

FailRace Motorsports

244 Threads
17,304 Posts
FailRace vs The Community

Leader: ca5inoroyale

It's that time of the week where you get a chance to race the FailRace team.

FailRace Vs The Community General Discussion
by gandalf8456
Aug 21, 2019 0:16:16 GMT
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Stewards Office

Leaders: Moderator, Steward

If you have something you wish to be sorted out then please follow the instructions in here...

Stewards Office (NEW FORMAT)
by DODGE26
Sept 6, 2018 20:03:53 GMT

FailRace Community Events

1 Thread
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Driver Numbers

Leaders: Moderator, Events Team

Register your driver number here for community hosted events on Forza Motorsport 7.

FailRace Forum Driver Number Thread 2019
by KamikazeExpert7
Aug 20, 2019 20:31:23 GMT
4 Threads
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Ideas and Information

Leaders: Moderator, Events Team

A dedicated area for pitching your championship and event ideas, along with useful information to help you get started!

Events Application
by ThatScottyGuy
Jun 29, 2019 11:54:42 GMT
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Single Events

Leaders: Moderator, Events Team

A dedicated area for smaller running user created events, such as one offs, pre-championship testing and other single thread events like a community tuning challenge.

No posts have been made on this board.
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The Ferrari F355 Challenge hosted by and

Race 5 Sign Up
by SpeedBird388
Aug 21, 2019 14:29:13 GMT
9 Threads
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The Superstars International Series, hosted by

[SSI] Series Signup
by LongbowX MkII
Aug 19, 2019 17:01:29 GMT


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Forum Archive

Obsolete categories and boards.

by mpcp2002
Aug 16, 2019 20:54:43 GMT

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Events Archive

Leaders: Moderator, Events Team

Finished Events and obsolete Interest Threads

Group A Test Session 2 (FM7 Friday)
by HordSS
Aug 4, 2019 15:06:34 GMT

Sub-boards: Completed Events (17,575 posts), Ideas and Information - Archived Threads (8,004 posts), Single Events - Archived Threads (6,783 posts)


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