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FailRace Clip Submission

Leader: ca5inoroyale

Clip Submission
by pero23
Jul 5, 2020 19:14:02 GMT
5 Threads
668 Posts
Official Events

Leader: ca5inoroyale

Gta 5 Map Submission For Live Streams
Jun 28, 2020 11:17:35 GMT
101 Threads
1,494 Posts
First Gear

Leader: Administrator

The Builder's Challenge
by Venomous
Jun 22, 2020 0:50:22 GMT

Sub-boards: Challenge Submissions (697 posts), General Discussion (678 posts), FailRace Community Set-Ups (119 posts)

FailRace Motorsports

285 Threads
19,453 Posts
1 Viewer
FailRace vs The Community

Leader: ca5inoroyale

It's that time of the week where you get a chance to race the FailRace team.

FailRace Vs The Community 2nd July (Horizon 4)
by coconut
Jul 5, 2020 8:14:07 GMT
2 Threads
109 Posts
Stewards Office

Leaders: Moderator, Steward

If you have something you wish to be sorted out then please follow the instructions in here...

Stewards Office (NEW FORMAT)
by DODGE26
Sept 6, 2018 20:03:53 GMT

FailRace Community Events

5 Threads
166 Posts
Events General

Leaders: Moderator, Events Team

Register your driver number, apply for hosting an event, and read through the events rules here.

FailRace Forum Driver Number Thread 2019
by airoil123
Dec 25, 2019 23:02:37 GMT
1 Thread
1 Post
Ideas and Information

Leaders: Moderator, Events Team

A dedicated area for pitching your championship and event ideas, along with useful information to help you get started!

FWSCS interest thread Season 2(yes another one)
by Yamihere682
Sept 7, 2019 16:10:09 GMT
2 Threads
3 Posts
Single Events

Leaders: Moderator, Events Team

A dedicated area for smaller running user created events, such as one offs, pre-championship testing and other single thread events like a community tuning challenge.

GTA 5 British Touring Car Championship
by PriusRepellent2
Jun 13, 2020 23:52:40 GMT
8 Threads
73 Posts

Leader: HordSS

2 Hour long Endurance races in FM7 Hosted by HordSS


2,547 Threads
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Forum Archive

Obsolete categories and boards.

Gta 5 Challenge - Survive The Hunt
by ThatScottyGuy
Sept 28, 2019 16:35:11 GMT

Sub-boards: General (8,286 posts), Forza Games (5,970 posts), Other Video Games (5,438 posts), Off-Topic (15,449 posts)

1,514 Threads
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Events Archive

Leaders: Moderator, Events Team

Finished Events and obsolete Interest Threads

Race of champions
by tomtrex23
Apr 23, 2020 0:38:30 GMT

Sub-boards: Completed Events (17,871 posts), Ideas and Information - Archived Threads (8,021 posts), Single Events - Archived Threads (6,797 posts)


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